Peru's Ancient Ruins

Breathtaking South America Hosted Cruises

January – April 2020

Cruise to all the places you’ve always wanted to visit in breathtaking South America. Check off your dream list South American destinations in 2020 with a Comphoppers hosted cruise or travel on your own. Numerous cruise lines and tour companies feature great itineraries to the fascinating countries south of the border. You are sure to find one that suits your travel dates and budget. Alternatively, if cruising is not your thing, Comphoppers can help plan your land vacation with top tier tour companies and resorts.

Comphoppers is hosting three separate cruises to breathtaking South America in 2020. Join us for all of them or just a section of the Circle South America journey. Book today. Cabins are limited.

Native Weaving

Visit exotic destinations, tour ancient ruins, explore natural wonders, and immerse yourself in the cultures and traditions of South America. Starting in January catch a Comphoppers hosted cruise from Fort Lauderdale. Sail through the Panama Canal. Overnight in Lima, Peru. Travel to mysterious Easter Island and disembark in Santiago, Chile.

Then, continue your journey past Amalia Glacier. RoundCape Horn. Visit the Falkland Islands and overnight in Buenos Aires. Next, sail from Buenos Aires. Overnight in exciting Rio De Janeiro. Transition to the Caribbean, stopping at the islands of Martinique and St. Kitts. Returning to Fort Lauderdale in April.

In 2020, our Comphoppers hosted South American cruises will be aboard the lovely Princess ships, the Island Princess and the Coral Princess. See video.

Check off, “Circle South America,” from your destination dream list. Prepare to brag about your breathtaking South American journey with your friends and family, share your amazing photographs, and enhance your adventure stories. You did it! You turned your dreams of travel into reality. Enjoy the moment. Your memories of your breathtaking South America journey will last a lifetime.

Let us help you design your dream vacation and assist you in getting the best value for your cruising dollars. Book your breathtaking South American journey with Comphoppers, now.