Visit Manatees at Three Sisters Springs

Be sure to check local and international restrictions and adhere to all health and safety regulations when planning your trip.

Take the Three Sisters Springs Trolley and see hundreds of Manatees.

Did you know Crystal River, Florida, the Manatee World Capital, is located just a short drive from Orlando? During the winter hundreds of these magnificent, gentle giants laze in the warm waters of the many hot springs in the area.

One way to visit the manatee is to purchase a ticket at the Crystal River City Hall Visitors Center and hop aboard a colorful trolley for a short ride to Three Sisters Springs.

At Three Sisters Springs, you can view the magnificent West India Manatees in the crystal-clear pools from the comfort of the boardwalk. Watch in awe as the manatees gently surface for a breath of air, or a young one nuzzles up to its mother. Hear the wonder and excitement in the voices of snorkeling families as the 800-1.200 lb.10-foot sea cows swim beneath them or listen to the birds while hiking one of the nature trails.

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks – John Muir

The 57-acre site features the sparkling blue natural springs of Pretty Sister, Big Sister, and Little Sister with additional viewing areas at Idiots Delight I and II plus Magnolia Springs. Visitors can also hike the Magnolia Loop, Beyond the Boardwalk Trail, and Walk the Wetlands Trail. The trails lead past bluebird and bat houses, Magnolia Springs, Crystal Lake, and the wetlands area that teems with wildlife. Guided tours are suspended at this time.

Three Sisters Springs is a unit of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge (CRNWR). Restrooms and a water bottle-filling station are available, along with picnic tables. Limited handicapped parking is permitted. Visitors can walk, bike, or ride the trolley into the park.

There is no access to the water from within the refuge. Swimming in the springs is allowed when arriving by water only. See tours below.

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