Hedge Against Financial Risk

Although there is no way to stop or redirect a hurricane, one way to hedge against the financial risks is to purchase travel insurance to cover your vacation. Consider this.

Hurricane paths can only be predicted three to five days in advance. Because vacations need to be planned much further out, the three to five-day notice isn’t enough time to effectively mitigate this risk.  

AccuWeather meteorologists expect that anywhere from 11 to 15 storms will be named from June 1, through November 30, 2023. 11 to 15 storms — that’s significant. So, if you can’t control this risk, how do you protect your trip against it?

It’s wise to cover your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs, especially during hurricane season. If you have valid trip cancellation/interruption coverage purchased before a storm is named, then you can rest easy knowing that if a hurricane does ruin your trip, it won’t destroy your bank account. Plus, having that coverage will help ensure your safety if a hurricane does ravage your vacation spot while you’re there.

Your Comphoppers elite travel advisor can help you select the perfect travel insurance coverage to hedge against financial risk for your vacation. Never leave home without it.