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Bucket List Advice for 2019

It’s the time of year when we think back on our travels from the past year and make plans for the coming year. What’s on your Bucket List for 2019? Follow the Bucket List Advice below to learn how to make sure your travel dreams turn into a reality this year.

So far, our 2019 Bucket List includes visiting Idaho, going to the South Pacific on a 28 Day Princess Cruise, spending time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and we are in the process of making plans to go to Calgary for the famous Stampede.

For us, research, research, research, and booking ahead pays off when planning our Bucket List adventures. Do you have an idea of where you would like to go this year? Have you applied for time off? If you have children, do you know when they will have vacation time? And, most importantly have you shared this information with your travel advisor?

Yup, I asked if you shared your Bucket List ideas with your travel advisor. While you are busy taking care of your daily tasks such as getting everyone where they need to go, your travel advisor can research the best deals for you. Or, maybe you are looking for travel destination ideas. Call your travel advisor for advice. We have wonderful resources and can make interesting suggestions.

Expect your travel advisor to ask detailed questions about your travel needs. It is our job to discover what kind of Bucket List vacation would suit you best. We wouldn’t want to book you on a child-friendly, fun ship cruise to the Caribbean when you are dreaming of adult-only time aboard a luxury ship with endless spa days. Or, maybe you are dreaming of getting up close to exotic animals in the Galapagos. How about climbing ancient pyramids in South America? Or, hiking the Great Wall of China? Or, even a staycation closer to home.

The next important question is: Have you decided on your Bucket List budget? It’s important to know what your bucket list items will cost so you can plan accordingly. Don’t be disappointed. Planning ahead is the key to getting great deals. If something you really want seems out of reach begin saving for it now. Even a few dollars a week will add up quickly.

Booking ahead is also very important especially if your planned vacation comes at a popular time of the year. For example, you plan to get away during Spring Break, Easter, Thanksgiving or the Christmas Holidays. You don’t want to have your heart set on a particular resort or cruise only to find out there is no availability. Also, booking ahead could mean getting great discounts, upgrades, and travel perks. Who doesn’t want great savings deals?

Did you know travel advisors get hundreds of emails daily from travel suppliers like cruise lines, tour, hotel, and rental car companies?  We know when suppliers are offering special deals. Ask your travel advisor to set up a watch list for your Bucket List destination. You don’t want to miss out on your vacation of a lifetime.

Remember, the most valuable asset you have is time, spend it wisely. Whatever your 2019 Bucket List contains sharing it with your travel advisor can turn your dreams into a reality. Contact us today.