Comphoppers Hosts

Five Advantages of Cruise Hosts

Going on a Comphoppers hosted cruise is like taking your best friends along except your cruise hosts know everything about cruising and your ports of call. Here are five advantages of having Comphoppers cruise hosts on your next cruise:

Comphoppers Hosts
Comphoppers Hosts, Dan and Vickie Griggs enjoying exclusive shore excursion in Costa Maya, Mexico
  1. Have your own personal experts. Your Comphoppers cruise hosts are available to answer questions about the ship, activities, itinerary and more. Typically, they will meet you prior to boarding and walk you through the boarding process. Once on board they will set up meeting times where you can ask questions and get advice. Wonder how to dress for a particular event? Do you need reservations? Is it worth the money? Chances are your Comphoppers hosts will have the answers. They’ll happily give you their cabin number so you can contact them at any time. It’s like taking your travel specialist with you.
  2. Host and arrange gatherings. Your Comphoppers cruise hosts arrange meet and greet events for all of our clients onboard. They welcome each guest to our group and introduce you to other guests who share your love of travel. Meet and greets generally take place the first evening during sail-away. Other on board gatherings might include a cocktail party, or gathering for a group photograph. These events are a great way for us to thank you for booking your cruise with Comphoppers and for you to make friends.
  3. Make Recommendations. Our Comphoppers cruise hosts have literally traveled the world and have years of experience cruising to exotic places. They love sharing their insider knowledge. If you want to know the best beach to visit for snorkeling, where to shop or the location of a great beachfront, watering hole chances are they can make a recommendation. Their knowledge extends to shipboard activities, specialty restaurants, and on board entertainment, too.
  4. Arrange Exclusive Shore Excursions. Going on a shore excursion is easy when your Comphoppers cruise hosts escort you to your waiting transportation. They work out the tour details with professional local guides so all you have to do is have fun. For guest not interested in an organized tour your hosts can recommend optional activities, or alternative excursions. Some ports are great for simply walking off the ship and exploring on your own. You choose.
  5. Offer Peace of Mind. Your Comphoppers cruise hosts have your peace of mind at heart. They will do everything they can to make sure your cruise experience is a positive one. However, in the event of a mishap such as lost documents, stolen wallet, illness, or need to leave the ship early your host is available to assist you.

Upon completion of your cruise, you and your Comphoppers cruise hosts will probably be the best of friends. Many guests plan and book their next sailing while still on board. Some arrange meetings with their new friends when they return home. Check out our next hosted cruise event

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